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Press Release: Hansen Releases TV Ad -- First of Mayoral Race


DENVER, CO -- On Tuesday morning, a television ad from Chris Hansen’s mayoral campaign started playing on stations across Denver. The ad, which focuses on real solutions to Denver’s public safety problems and homelessness crisis, makes Hansen the first mayoral candidate of the 2023 cycle to take to the airwaves.

“Denverites deserve to feel safe in their homes, in the park, on the roads, and on the sidewalks,” Hansen said. “My administration will actually deliver results, reducing homelessness and building a highly trained and accountable public safety system that works for all of Denver.” 

The 30-second spot, titled “Band-Aid,” is running on broadcast and cable channels. The transcript, and a YouTube link to the ad, are included below.



Hansen: How did it come to this?

[Montage of Security Camera Footage]

Hansen: This is not the Denver I want for our kids. And City Hall’s response…

[Puts Band-Aid on Doorbell Security Camera]

… isn’t working. It is time for a new direction.

As an engineer, I’ve solved complex problems in the private and public sectors.

As Mayor, I’ll audit homeless programs and enforce the camping ban across the city.

And I’ll invest in highly-trained, accountable police.

I’m Chris Hansen. I have plans to solve these problems – not hide from them.


Chris Hansen is a Denver dad with the vision and skills needed to deliver a safer, more affordable, greener Denver. He has represented Denver for the last six years at the Colorado Capitol. Not only is Chris an engineer with two decades of global private sector experience in finance and corporate strategy, but he is also a nationally recognized leader for his work in the Colorado legislature sponsoring bills to reduce child poverty, reduce air pollution, and fund public education. 

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