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Chris Hansen for Denver Mayor

January 25, 2023 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Parker Butterworth

(206) 794-1961

DENVER, CO -- On Wednesday, State Senator Chris Hansen’s campaign to be Denver Mayor announced updated fundraising numbers which put Hansen firmly in the top five contenders seeking the job.

The candidate raised $259,000 in the last six weeks of 2022, including Fair Elections Fund disbursements, and says that fundraising has continued picking up pace in the new year.

“We feel good about our fast start in the first 8 weeks of this campaign,” Hansen said, “and that trend is continuing to move in the right direction.”

More than 75% of Hansen’s donors are from Denver, and the median donation to the campaign has been $50.

“The vote of confidence means a lot,” Hansen said of the support he has received from Denver donors. “Most of these folks aren’t business owners or politicians. They’re just everyday Denverites. And every dollar that comes through the door helps us reach more of our neighbors with this campaign’s message of a safer, more affordable, more livable Denver.”

“It is clear that Chris’ message of moving on from the status quo and actually getting to work solving Denver’s problems is resonating. We are confident that we’ll be able to continue to communicate our message to voters,” said Parker Butterworth, Chris Hansen for Denver Mayor campaign manager.


Chris Hansen is a Denver dad with the vision and skills needed to deliver a safer, more affordable, greener Denver. He has represented Denver for the last six years at the Colorado Capitol. Not only is Chris an engineer with two decades of global private sector experience in finance and corporate strategy, but he is also a nationally recognized leader for his work in the Colorado legislature sponsoring bills to reduce child poverty, reduce air pollution, and fund public education.

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