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Press Release: 14,000+ Teamsters Endorse Hansen


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact: Parker Butterworth

February 13, 2023                       

    Cell: (206) 794-1961



DENVER, CO -- On Monday, Teamsters Locals 17 and 455 announced their endorsement for Denver Mayor: State Senator Chris Hansen, making him one of only two labor-backed candidates in the Mayor’s race. Teamsters Local 17 and Teamsters Local 455 combine to represent more than 14,000 workers in Denver – including city workers. 

"The Teamsters are proud to support Chris Hansen to be Denver’s next mayor. Chris has always been a champion for workers and we trust that he will deliver results for Denver like making Denver safer and making sure workers can afford to live in the city they serve,” said Ed Bagwell, political liaison for Local 17. “We know that Chris understands the role organized labor will play in building the Denver of tomorrow. He shares our belief that giving workers a voice on the job and a seat at the table through stronger collective bargaining rights will reinvigorate our city workforce and make them invested partners in solving the challenges facing our city."

“These endorsements mean the world to me,” Hansen said of the Teamsters support. “I was raised in a union household where my father, a teacher and proud member of the teachers’ union, put food on our table with the help of his local.”

Founded 120 years ago, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is one of the largest labor unions in the world, and has expanded from representing transport drivers and warehouse workers to representing a diverse variety of private- and public-sector workers. 

“Labor touches everything essential in public life, and I cannot imagine running a functional city without strong input from organized labor on everything from improving the delivery of city services, to developing and maintaining our critical infrastructure,” Hansen said. “I want to see Denver become a safer, greener, more affordable city, and none of those goals will be achievable without working closely with labor.”

The endorsements make Hansen one of only two candidates in the Mayor’s race to have received labor union endorsements.


Chris Hansen is a Denver dad with the vision and skills needed to deliver a safer, more affordable, greener Denver. He has represented Denver for the last six years at the Colorado Capitol. Not only is Chris an engineer with two decades of global private sector experience in finance and corporate strategy, but he is also a nationally recognized leader for his work in the Colorado legislature sponsoring bills to reduce child poverty, reduce air pollution, and fund public education.

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