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Image by Acton Crawford


Along with more than 1500 contributors, Chris Hansen is endorsed by:

Untitled design (12).png

Teamsters 17

Untitled design (11).png

Teamsters 455

Untitled design (13).png

Colorado Cleantech Industries Association

Untitled design (14).png

314 Action Fund

image (2).png

Roy Romer, Former Governor of Colorado


Jeni Arndt, Mayor of Fort Collins

2023a_priola, kevin.jpg

Kevin Priola, State Senator

2023a_amabile, judy.jpg

Judy Amabile, State Representative

Untitled design (15).png

David Skaggs, Former U.S. Congressman

2019a_court, lois.jpg

Lois Court, Former State Senator


Joyce Foster, Former State Senator


Joe Miklosi, Former State Rep.


Mary Seawell, Former President of Denver Public Schools Board of Education

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1177 Newport St

Denver, CO 80220

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