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About Chris

Chris has represented Denver as a Democrat in the Colorado State Legislature for the last six years, where he has focused on managing the state budgeting process and leading the state’s transition to cleaner energy. Raised in a small town on the Colorado-Kansas border by a public high school teacher and a hospice nurse, Chris’ hard work, optimism, and persistence took him from public schools to the engineering department at Kansas State, then to MIT and Oxford University. Ulcca, Chris’ extraordinary wife of 21 years, and he are raising two teenage sons and sent the boys to Denver Public Schools because of their shared belief that high quality public education is the bedrock for creating positive changes in people's lives and in our communities.


Chris has more than 20 years experience in the private sector working with renewable energy and electricity companies, as well as governments at every level, to improve their operations. Chris worked globally in finance and corporate strategy, including his role as Senior Director of Energy Insight at IHS (now part of S&P), where he managed a $50M business unit and large teams. Chris will bring these valuable skills to the Mayor’s office and build a great team that will help solve the complex issues facing Denver. 

Image by Acton Crawford

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Chris Hansen for Denver Mayor

1177 Newport St

Denver, CO 80220

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